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Important Updated Notice

Now that restrictions have relaxed a bit, we are happy to announce that our showroom is fully open again! We are asking that everyone continue to wear a mask and social distance while inside the store due to the limited space. Thank you all for your amazing support through these trying times. We sincerely appreciate you.

Store Hours

Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

June Safety Tips

Never combine any products that contain chlorine and bleach. When these household substances are combined, they form a gas that is highly toxic and can result in serious breathing difficulties or death.

Sometimes when trying to achieve a higher concentration of a cleaning chemical meant to be diluted, you might consider adding less water than instructed. Do not do this! The manufacturer of the chemical has done extensive research in order to have the most effective dilution rate. If you add more or less than the recommended amount, the product will not be as effective.

Always take the time to read the warning label on any chemical product you use. The label provides safe guidelines for using that specific product. In addition to the information on safe usage, the label also provides general information on safe storage and gives instructions on how to protect yourself properly when using the product such as a need for protective gloves, eye-wear or ventilation. The label also includes the contact information for the manufacturer of the product.

Safety glasses are sometimes forgotten, however they are very important to wear when dealing with any chemicals, especially caustic or toxic chemicals.

When working with any type of chemical, make sure that you have proper ventilation.

Make sure to keep all cleaning chemicals in their original containers and never mix chemicals, even if they are the same “type” of chemical.

If you have any questions about proper safety procedures, feel free to call us and ask!


This Month's Featured Products

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Serving Asheville, Waynesville, Boone, Black Mountain, Hendersonville

Janitorial & Restaurant Supplies

Champion Supply is a full-service janitorial supply distributor based in Asheville, NC, providing service to local and regional customers.

At Champion Supply we work with you to design a product mix that matches your goals for your facility. We will make your facility safer while also matching the experience you want for your employees and customers. 

I toured a high-end car dealership with the operations manager. Cars on the lot go for between $30,000 to over $100,000. The bathroom experience was totally wrong for their customers. They had a very low grade toilet paper, a non-operating basic odor control system, towels in a wall dispenser and bottles of soap on the counter. We set them up with high end tissue, Vaportek odor control (that operates), high end hand towels in a basket on the counter, and hands-free foam soap. The sales team rejoiced that they would not have to bring in tissue from home!

Every facility is different. We will love to tour your facilities and get the opportunity to learn your business and see your facility. What are your unique needs?

Champion Supply is big enough to have the pricing and expertise of larger distributors yet small enough to provide personal, customized service to solve your unique challenges. We strongly encourage you to call us so we can talk about competitive pricing and provide expert feedback on your specific issues.

It does not matter if you are big or small, we look forward to partnering with you to solve your janitorial issues including supplies, training, equipment, repair, ware-washing, laundry, and more.

Service Department

Champion Supply has a Service Department that works on many different many types and brands, whether you purchased it from us or not. Give us a call to pick up your equipment that is not working to be assessed. Ask us about setting up a Preventive Maintenance Program for your equipment. This can keep your staff working and add life to your machines.

Rental Equipment

Champion Supply rents floor equipment too. Daily and weekly rates for the following:

Walk Behind Scrubber

Wet Vacuum With Front Squeegee

High Speed Burnisher

Carpet Extractor

Low Speed Floor Machine

Air Mover